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Our team of experts is working hard to bring sustainable, clean, cultured meat to the world.

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Clean Meat Is Here

The technology to create cultured (lab grown) meat is here. We are refining the process and building scalable tools that allow us to distribute clean meat to the masses.


Advancements in technology allow us to cultivate muscle cells which allow us to create lab grown meat.



There are many ways to approach the clean meat process. Our focus is on bringing the highest quality alternatives to the existing method of the meat industry to a clean and healthy method of delivery. From start to finish, our team of engineers are dedicating to bringing nutritiuus and tasty clean meats to each family's table.



Removal of stem cells from the host in a safe and humane manner allows us to engineer specific tissue used for the clean meat process.



Taking the host cells and multiplying them to the desired specifications for creating nutritious clean meats.



The downstreaming process includes all aspects of turning the cultured stem cells into an edible clean meat product.

Join our Team

Our team is rapidly growing and we need top talent to get us there. If you are interested in being part of the clean meat revolution and saving our planet, our bodies, and the animals we share this beautiful planet with we implore you to apply. Our team is based around the world and is dedicating to bringing clean meats to the masses.