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Balletic, Inc. Launches Innovative Plant-based Ingredient for Food Manufacturers

DAVIS, CA – Balletic, Inc., a novel protein ingredient startup, is proud to announce the launch of its latest plant-based ingredient, Balletic Nova. This new product is specifically designed for food manufacturers looking to create sustainable and nutritious food products that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Balletic Nova is a versatile ingredient derived from plant sources that is rich in protein and highly optimized for digestibility. It is ideal for use in a wide range of food products, including beverages, bars, meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, and bakery items.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for plant-based food options that are on par with nutritional values of animal protein products. With Balletic Nova, food manufacturers can create delicious and nutritious products that meet these demands,” said Anita Broellochs, CEO of Balletic, Inc.

“We are excited to bring this innovative ingredient to the market, which will enable food manufacturers to meet the growing demand for products that are both sustainable and nutritious,” added Anita Broellochs.

Balletic, Inc. is committed to developing sustainable ingredients to make high-quality protein universally accessible. With the launch of Balletic Nova, the company is further strengthening its position as a leading supplier of optimized animal-free protein ingredients.

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Alex Shirazi
Brand and Technology Director
Balletic, Inc.