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DAVIS, CA – Balletic, Inc. today announced an expansion to its product line with Balletic Nova, a plant-based ingredient designed for the camping and backpacking food industry. This addition reflects Balletic, Inc.’s ongoing efforts to offer highly digestible protein ingredients and food solutions.

Balletic Nova, with its high DIAAS (Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score), provides high-quality protein nutrition for outdoor activities. As a plant-based ingredient, it serves as a versatile ingredient for various camping food products, offering a protein-rich alternative to traditional protein ingredients.

Anita Broellochs, CEO of Balletic, Inc., shared, “We recognized a need in the camping and backpacking community for more nutritious and sustainable food options. This new version of Balletic Nova is our response to this need, offering a high-quality, plant-based protein ingredient to food manufacturers in this sector.”

Balletic, Inc. specializes in ingredient development, making Balletic Nova a strategic addition for food manufacturers focused on outdoor and adventure foods. This ingredient aims to improve the nutritional quality of outdoor meals, aligning with an increasing demand for environmentally friendly and health-conscious food options. This new Balletic Nova product line is also optimized for military food development, including formulations for MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat).

The company’s focus on fermentation and plant-based sources for protein production is a response to the growing interest in sustainable, ethical food choices. With Balletic Nova, Balletic continues its mission to provide innovative, eco-friendly food solutions.

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Alex Shirazi
Brand and Technology Director
Balletic, Inc.

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